About SheSpeaks

She Speaks Agency simplifies the process of finding the perfect speaker for your event. Just like a dedicated recruitment agency, we handle the intricate task of speaker selection for you.

On the other side of the stage, for many years Fiona has taken weekly calls from clients in search of speaker recommendations, struggling to find the perfect match for their events, often dealing with time bound requests. The She Speaks Agency matches and connects speakers with organisations, recognising the importance of an effective partnership.

As we are a boutique service, we don’t list our speakers on our site. When you tell us your requirements the ideal speaker is selected for you and presented to you for your approval. One of Fiona’s strengths is spotting new undiscovered talent so expect to see new speakers with this agency!

She Speaks is founded and
operated by a keynote speaker.

About Fiona

Fiona is a well-known speaker on the circuit and has been speaking professionally for years on a range of different topics. Fiona’s trademark is her energy, practicality, knowledge, ability to connect with audience and story telling techniques.

Fiona’s core values are reliability, professionalism, passion, fairness, ambition, grit, and relationships and she intends on bringing each one of these to the agency. Fiona has built a stellar brand and reputation over her career and her natural skillset now finds her starting this agency so she can act as this intermediary between speakers and organisations.

You can find out more about fiona and her services here.

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